On January 5, Facebook owned WhatsApp started showing an alert message something that couldn’t be ignored. Let me share the screenshot with you if haven’t received it yet.

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WhatsApp Privacy Policy alert

A young undergraduate’s dream to have online index of his University friends quickly grew up to become a huge centralized database, containing billions of profiles worldwide, now recognized as Facebook. But what is the reason for it being always surrounded by hatred from a large community despite it being traded as one of the top 10 largest publicly listed company worldwide?

Among over 75 acquisitions in its 15 years of dominance, Facebook…

Buggy in nature, Microsoft Windows has always been constantly changing and evolving its User experience ever since its first release in 1985. But why is Windows not seeing any major updates in recent times? Is Microsoft slowly ditching its flagship OS off?

Windows has been the most popular OS among desktop enthusiasts with over 85% market share ever since. One of the main reasons for its dominance was OEMs shipping Windows with their cheap hardware and sole availability of major industry grade products. Be it Adobe suite or Autodesk CAD or Microsoft’s own Office suite, everything is available for Windows…

With the non-commercial introduction of Netscape Navigator in 1995 and the beginning of the Internet Explorer era at the same time, the Web as we know started taking shape. A Dotcom bubble followed where thousands of Tech startups gained the advantage of the rise of the Internet and Internet-based applications but few failed, those which survived are today’s Internet Giants. The first Browser war was between these two competitors, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mosaic derived Netscape Navigator. Navigator had its peak usage share until 1997 which slowly started declining thereafter.

Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Browser_Wars_(en).svg
Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Browser_Wars_(en).svg
The rise of Internet Explorer and fall of Navigator [Wikipedia]

By 2001, Microsoft’s strategies made Internet Explorer a huge success…

While the In-Browser email clients for most of the mail providers are feature rich, native clients have their own added benefits.

On Android or iOS, the selection has varieties. Google’s very own Gmail app, Bluemail, K-9 mail, Nine, Microsoft’s Outlook, ProtonMail, Zoho Mail, Yahoo Mail and the list continues to grow. On Windows, we have Official Microsoft Outlook app among eM Client, Thunderbird, Hiri, Inky, Mailspring, Spike which handles emails pretty well. Few of these are open source and free while others provide enterprise features on paid basis. …

Yes, you read it right. “Chrome is a Malware.”

Ever since I have been using Motorola One Power (purchased July 19), I never used Google Chrome. Moreover, I had disabled all the Google apps except YouTube and Play Services. But recently, with the Covid-19 bringing everything on the digital platforms, this couldn’t last anymore.

My University requires me to use Google Meet. All the class updates are forwarded through Google Classroom. Moreover, all the WhatsApp groups have slowly started to migrate to Google Groups. Attendance is taken through Google Sheets and Docs. …

Vivek Vaishya

Computer Engineer (B.E.), Qt Qml Developer

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